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Humanities Courses

Outcomes-based, interactive courseware that can be adopted as is or modified and customized to reflect course or program objectives. Includes authoritative content, frequent formative practice, adaptive practice, and summative assessments.


American Government

Outlines the key information students need for a solid understanding of the foundation of American Government both historically and functionally. How the American democracy took shape, and its ongoing evolution are explained.

29 modules | 70 learning objectives

Educational Research Methods

Learn research methods and strategies used in education and related fields including qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods inquiry and action research

40 modules | 102 learning objectives

English Composition

Develop most critical language skills that apply across all disciplines: strong writing and careful reading skills, the writing process, and stylistic and mechanics techniques.

54 modules | 82 learning objectives

Introduction to Human Communication

Learn how to effectively communicate in a variety of channels, from public speaking and presentations, to interpersonal relationships and team communications.

27 modules | 49 learning objectives

Introduction to Philosophy

Learn the methods and components of logic and critical analysis. Tackle the problem of evil, the existence of God, the soul, science ethics, free will, morality and utilitarianism, human rights and the meaning of life.

27 modules | 52 learning objectives

Public and Global Health

Overview of health trends, both public and global, infectious disease, global health systems, and explores the future of health.

37 modules | 68 learning objectives

World History

Through a thematic approach, this course explores the history of human societies over 5,000 years.

30 modules | 80 learning objectives

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